Finally found the love of a lifetime

It all happens unexpectedly. It was my birthday, and I took a day off as what i usually did every year.

In the afternoon, he drove me to Mount Faber, telling me that he wanted to bring me to Sentosa, but he wanted to take a cable car ride.


He took a box of thing out of the car, which i think it should be a gift for my birthday. He walked real fast without waiting for me.


I told him "Why dont we just drive to Sentosa instead? Taking Cable Car is just too expensive!". He says "Just follow, and dont ask". And he brought me on board the Cable Car. 


There, he handed me the box, and asked me to open it.


It was a surprise. A hand-made french bear. And it is custom made~!!! When i hold the bear, i knew it could easily cost him minimum S$300 for that, leave alone the additional cost for the custom made part. The bear is in red, my fave color and wearing a chef outfit, which i wonder why of all outfit, it is chef outfit. He says "Happy Birthday darling. I want you to be my chef, and i want you to cook for me for the rest of my life".

Well, thou I heard what he'd just said, but seriously... I didn't really care what he'd just said because I'm kinda quite engrossed with my new bear. Tongue out


He asked me to open the chef outfit's buttons, and so i did. My eyes almost dropped when I saw the bear actually wearing a neclace, and there's a Charlotte diamond ring and also a "Will you marry me" note hanging there. I looked at him, he kneel down infront of me, and he popped the question that I'd long waited... "Darling, will you marry me?".

I paused. I couldn't believe it. I started to wonder if this is just a dream. I stare at him, he looks obviously nervous and perspiring like mad. The 1st thing I'd said is not a Yes. But i asked "You really know what you are doing? You confirm you will not regret for doing this?".

His eyes immediately turned red, his face tuned pale, he kept explaining to me saying how long had he take to plan for today, how clear his mind is, how he envision our future, how much he loves me, how much he wanted to give me a family & etc stuffs that I don't think i really remember clearly what is he mumbling. He is obviously in a state that he really cant talk properly due to his nervousness. And at that point of time, while he busy explaining, when i see his tears, his sad puppy look, his most adorable expression worrying that i would say NO to him, it really melted me straightaway.


And so, i nod my head. He took the ring and put it on my finger. And damn it! He put it on my wrong finger. Still want to argue with me saying that the finger that he put is correct because he says "When i buy the ring, Charlotte sales people teach me one!". I hugged him hardly, and i my tears cant help falling. And he says to me "Whatever it meant to be, we were meant to be together".


I knew... I really knew at that moment, that I'd finally found the love of my lifetime.Which girl in this world will not melt when you receive this from the man you love? Asking you to be his chef and cook for him for the rest of his life. It is the best birthday gift that I'd ever receive.


I asked "Why of all places, you picked cable car? Why is the proposal in the broad-daylight in the afternoon???". His answer "Because cable car is hanging in the air, you can't runaway and be it YES or NO, you will still have to face it. And because I'm gonna bring you to a candle-light dinner tonight, and i knew it is boring for proposing to girlfriend in a dining place which everybody does. People normally propose at night, I'm special. I propose in the afternoon". Thou I find his answer abit funny, but it is rather acceptably true that he's kinda.. yea.. special. I didn't knew he really has such ability to think out of the box.

We stopped at Sentosa for a casual lunch. And there, he shared with me all his thoughts and plans for future. And also, not to forget to cam-whoring my new bear :D



And we had a real long talk over our future at Sentosa Coffee Bean. I didn't knew he has so much plans for our future. I hold his hand, and assures him that he did not pick the wrong wife. I told him that I will definitely cook for him, take care of him, stay by his side thru thick and thin. And yes! I make his tears dropped once again...



This is the ring. A very simple and ordinary one. But this is the ring that makes us found and committed the love of our lifetime.


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